So what is the difference

Between those “occupy ______” folks who want to take your hard earned earnings, those goods which you purchased with your hours of hard work (and the position in your related field of endeavor which you worked hard to earn, be via hard work post school or just plain hard work and perhaps ability, or a combination thereof) and the folks who would redistribute your wealth into their pockets via the threat of force…say a mugger or a house theif or a carjacker or whatever?

Both would take your hard earned…(and by hard earned, I mean earned with hours of your life)..possessions for their own, without giving any value in return. They both want, essentially, something for nothing. And they would take your possessions (and therefore steal hours of your life) with no remorse, only because you have it and they don’t, and they think that It Isn’t Fair! that you have so much and they have less……

Come to think of it, it is only a matter of degree between them and our current president and his crop of sycophantic followers (and fellow liberal socialists democrats, but I am being redundant) and the “Occupy xxxyxxxxyy” folks.

Except, of course, that the folks in power want to give your money away to others of their choosing….(with an appropriate cut) in order to Do Good. (or their definition of Good).

Anywhere there was real civilization, they’d be incarcerated (and branded) as thieves, and treated accordingly.