On the way to the

gunshow in Nappanee:

Text from people in car 15 miles ahead:

“slow down coming into Walkerton
Speed Racer just got pulled over for speeding.”

We did, and arrived just as he got his warning ticket..

The Town Policeman was decent, and acted as a “peace officer” rather than an asshole cop. All he wanted was to keep his citizens safe, not to generate revenue or to measure his dick against someone else’s.

He was, apparently, impressed with the amount of firepower worn by the occupants of the scofflaw vehicle.

If you haven’t been to the Nappannee gun show, you should try to make the one in the spring of 2012.

Besides, the restaurant nearby has Bacon by the pound…per person. I ate my $8.99 worth (it’s a buffet). Watched Og eat his share too.

Almost bought an Argentine contract 1911 from 1932, but the seller and I were unable to find a consensus on value. Was tempted by several Garands, but found no joy.

Spent the rest of the day with Brigid and friends. Food, (and more food) (did I mention food?) adult beverages, and great conversation. You should be so lucky. Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the bacon roses.

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  1. Nice he got a warning. Sounds like you had a great time and BACON!!!!

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