“it’s quiet….too quiet”

Today was one of those rare ones.

Everything (for me) went right…..

I fixed a piece of equipment: The part, which arrived today, was the right one, first time. The engineer who designed the machine actually had a clue as to what it takes to service equipment, and designed the part and how it fitted with others well. No cut fingers, no cursing, (except for “damn, that was easy”).

People have been (today at least) unfailingly polite. Held doors for me, did not cause me grief while driving (no cutt offs, no sudden stops, weaving, etc.). No one tried to kill me while we were  driving on the same roads.

I got compliments which I really did not deserve on the conduct of my employees…(they are good, but not great enough to deserve the effusive praise heaped upn them by two separate customers…I guess that we just excell compared to others?).

All in all, today was much better than the previous ones. Strange, but weird.

I am waiting for the axe to fall.

2 thoughts on ““it’s quiet….too quiet”

  1. It was nice knowing you. You'll be nothing but a small burnt spot where you once stood, so let me say in advance that your final seconds were nothing short of spectacular and likely to get 50 million hits on youtube.

  2. Nah. These days happen once in a while to keep you juuuuuust on this side of despair, so you'll keep doing the rest of the shit the other 364 days of the year.

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