This idea is dangerous. Seriously dangerous…

While I, (and no doubt every other person who will read this today) would like to be able to carry any time, anywhere, in any state, THIS is very dangerous. Are we willing to support this even though it undermines the very Constitution which we revere and which we hold up as a sacred document? One whose second amendment we regularly quote in order to protect our rights to carry? Is the 10th any less important?

Once we begin chopping away at parts of that document which is what separates this country from all others, we erode the foundation of what makes this country great. Want to change the Constitution? No problem. Do it the right way. Hold a Constitutional Convention, get enough states to vote for it, and DO IT THE RIGHT WAY.

The 10th amendment is in the Constitution for a reason. And if we pre-empt this for concealed carry, what is to prevent us from preempting in for other, more nefarious reasons?

Look: this is, at best, an end run around the Constitution….Legislation which will end up being, in the near future, the thin end of the wedge..and one which is supported by a significant group…Gun owners. But what happens next? What other things will this enable the feds to force states to swallow? Yeah, Roe V Wade was a wedge too…and this will be another. One that opens up cracks which we really don’t want to have opened up any farther. There are (currently) limits to the power of the federal Government. Put in place for a reason.

What if, soon, we decide that other licenses shall cross state lines? Doctors and layers and such, maybe no big deal…Cosmetologists and such, who cares, really….Prostitutes? (hey, I really don’t care, but many folks would). After all, they are licensed in Nevada, so why can’t she (or he?) ply their trade in Atlanta? (I mean, openly…maybe advertise and such).

Look, I think that California and Illinois and their ilk are way stupid, and folks who live there are dumb to do so because of their laws. I chose where I live based upon many things, and CCW was/is one of them. But if the people of the state choose to live where the laws are what they are, and don’t elect folks to change their laws, then they like their state enough to live where the laws are the way that they like them. And the Feds don’t get a say.

Otherwise, eventually, there will be no states, just one happy federal government run giant state. Federal folks making decisions for all of us, no local control.

And I really don’t want to see how THAT would turn out.

While we may be headed that way already, I don’t want to do anything to facilitate that day. Especially not when they are going to get us gun owners to aid and abet their precedent setting legislation.

Just say no. Say it loudly. Call your Reps and congressmen (and women) and tell ’em “NO”.