A bad day

at the range beats a good day at work…Hands down.

( we didn’t want to limit our options)

Spent a portion of the afternoon at the range. Tried out some different combinations of powder and bullet for the .380 loads for Midwest Chick’s Sig P238 (and, incidentally the TCP) and figured out that 3.15 grains of 231 with a 100 grain jacketed round nose closely duplicates the factory load from Winchester (white box bulk).

It would seem that I (and Para) have fixed the issues with the stainless LDA Carry. It shot BEAUTIFULLY, with no issues. Yet. We shall see.

My full size 1911 ran, as usual, flawlewssly.

All in all, I changed 350 rounds of reloads in .45 ACP to smoke, noise, and brass.

It Was Good.

I also re-shot the Traction Control postal match targets with the Ruger MK III…this time without the excess caffeine.  While the timing of my range trip made for a lot of sun in my eyes, I was able to shoot a slightly better score:

(Click to embiggenate)

 Yeah, 85. Not what it could have been, but then again, I have been lazy and have not been keeping my paper-punching skills as sharp as they could be…. Amazing what I can do when I am not overly-caffeinated and shaking like a chihuahua without a sweater on a -20F day.

 The weather was Perfect. 2 knot wind,  67 degrees….I sorta felt guilty ’cause I should have been doing more productive things in preparation for winter, but the range was calling and I REALLY needed some recoil therapy.

Sometimes ya gotta just say “fuckit”.