Your tax dollars at work (some animals are more equal than others)

So, not content with letting criminals purchase firearms and failing to surveil them as they cross the border in order to make the claim of “80% of guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US” as a vehicle to greater gun control measures……The US government purchased and gave away firearms using your money…for the same end!

Were I to do the same, I’d be participating in a “straw purchase”…Which would lead me to the pokey, the graybar hotel….I’d get a vacation at the expense of the taxpayers…, and bring me a very large fine. But I guess when government agents conspire to do so, it must be ok.

How in any way is it that this is not a scandal on the front pages of the papers, and in the nightly news? How is it that these agents who participated in this debacle are still working as federal agents? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE UNDER INDICTMENT OR IN JAIL?

We have federal agents BREAKING THE LAW and not even gaining anything, not even trying to catch people. The whole set of actions obviously not to stop lawbreakers but rather to perpetrate a fraud in the court of public opinion. 

And their actions have caused the deaths of at least one federal agent and, reportedly, nearly a hundred Mexican civilians….Why are these agents involved in the cluster-fuck not charged with conspiracy to commit murder?

Why do federal agents get a pass on criminal actions which would land each of the rest of us in prison?

Why is this not a  “Watergate”? 

If you are living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the story of  “Operation Fast and Furious”, use Google.