Try it in my home…

Despite what the Indiana Supreme Court has decided, No one is welcome in my home without an invitation. No one. Not even the po-po.

5-0 wanna enter my home? Get a warrant. State yer probable cause. Or bring friends. Lots of ’em. And expect a lawsuit. A large one. Might even be significant armed resistance.  Best to bring a lunch. We are gonna be here for a while.

You’ll win eventually, ’cause there are more of you than there are of me. But it ain’t gonna be easy.

As they say…”bring it”. 

We need our lawmakers to step up and make the limits clear. To pass a law which upholds the Constitution. ( the previous statement is, IMO, redundant, but nonetheless, true). They need to act NOW.  Before someone gets hurt.

And we need better justices in our courts. Soon. Or a lynching. At least an ass whoopin’.
How can these justices allow this? They are attorneys, right? What are they thinking?

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Somehow I can’t see this ruling ever turning out well. For anyone. Either the citizens get screwed, or the cops think that they can do whatever they want….Until they encounter someone who thinks otherwise.

No one wins here…The guard dogs need a leash in order to know when to stop attacking. But the judges have let slip the leash.

2 thoughts on “Try it in my home…

  1. Agreed and I am right there with you. Trouble is the LEO's already think they can do whatever they want anyway.

    I tell my co-workers that if they ever see the black helicopters circling in the direction of the Small-Hold…. Don't look for me to be at work.

  2. I for one DEFINITELY believe otherwise. So if anyone is feeling like entering uninvited please note that there will be consequences. In the long run I may not win ,but I will fight and I am not going quietly.

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