overheard yesterday

in a small town diner at lunchtime…

“Most of the countries problems could be solved with one 30-06 round… Placed correctly when the white house helicopter is taking off…”

No one had any comment, but many nods did happen. Sadly, even the local LEO’s (and there were 2 from 2 different departments) could not disagree.

I’ll not mention where this occurred. And no, it wasn’t me that said it.

2 thoughts on “overheard yesterday

  1. Although that is an interesting comment and I have heard a similar one (just various scenarios) from many friends, I fear that if something like that were to happen, parts of this country would go up in flames and many would be killed as well as lots of property destruction. It would make someone a martyr that doesn't deserve to be. Personally I would like nothing more than to see them leaving the casa blancha under arrest or in serious disgrace.

    That being said.. if there is a 4 more years after NOV 2 2012 then all bets are off.

  2. ohgodohgodohgod you're KIDDING, right? Joe biden in the Oval Office? We're being led by the second most useless human on earth and you want to replace him with the MOST worthless?


    Let's get him replaced. It will be better for him to live to a grand old age, reflecting on the worthlessness of his life.

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