Sure talks pretty, don’t he? I am not sure, however, why I didn’t find something else to do….like clean out the septic tank or something.

But I wasted the time watching and listening to a socialist. Listened to him speak in generalities, about how sleight of hand with the budget would pay for a new jobs program….Which was also touted with no details…And I realized that his entire campaign and term has been dominated by that idea. No details. None in the campaign and none in any of his legislation. No details…”Trust me, I’ll do it right…This time”

And if we need all this action which he has recommended tonight, THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN’T HE DO ALL THIS INSTEAD OF PUSHING HIS SOCIALIST AGENDA at the beginning of his (hopefully single) term.

And if you can save all that money for your “jobs bill” then WHY COULDN’T YOU SAVE IT DURING THE BUDGET debacle?  If you can find it now, then where were you looking a few months ago?  “Paid for” my ass.

And I swear, Mr. Obama, that if I hear the phrase “fair share” from you one more time, I am going to find a way to make it past the Secret Service folks and puke in your lap.