National concealed carry

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While I would LOVE to see concealed carry in every state, and would LOVE to see them all honor Indiana’s (or every other states) carry permit, the fact is that this is unlikely to pass even the House, and will never pass the Senate…If it did, it wouldn’t be a veto proof majority, so it would NEVER pass….

Plus the whole states rights issue, which, while I really believe in the 2nd amendment, is really nearly as important.

I think I’d rather have the states remain independent and each decide what (if any) firearms laws they wish to fight their citizens in court over. I can choose where to travel.

Then again, this may merely be a pre-election year stunt.

One thought on “National concealed carry

  1. Since the right to keep and *bear* arms is finally recognized again as a fundamental, enumerated right, it is incumbent upon the states to respect that right. Having 50 different levels of recognition of the right to bear arms is as wrong as having 50 different levels of ability to practice religion, or speak your mind, or participate in the political process by voting. Should we go back to having 50 levels of voting rights, based on subjective criteria (like skin color)? If not (and I think the answer is a resounding NO), then why is it OK to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment based upon subjective criteria (like "good cause" or "good moral character") as is done now?

    Food for thought…

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