Watch your six. Be aware of what is happening in crowds…

It is happening everywhere….even in Milwaulkee

And it is getting worse. and more prevalent.

You expect this sort of thing to happen near the south side of Chicago and such…maybe Detroit or Philly…But Wisconsin?

And if it were white kids doing it to black people, the hue and cry from the MSM, Jesse Jackson and Mr Sharpton would be LOUD….But you don’t hear about this on CNN….

No matter who is doing it, it’s wrong. The fact that it is being covered up (or at least NOT reported) because of race is worse. 

Be careful in mixed crowds…

I’m just sayin’

P.S. If the above frightens you (and it should) then just wait until we run out of money and have to cut social programs……Better prepare and get yer mind wrapped around the thought early.

ETA: Linoge has some thoughts

3 thoughts on “Yoots

  1. But goodness no, Wisconsin did not need Concealed Carry, in Fair grounds no less!

    There is nothing to see here, move along folks. You are obviously racist for mentioning it is non whites doing this to whites. Don't you silly right wingers know that minoritys can't be racist and would never do such things unprovoked?

    Move along!

    /sarcasm off.

  2. Picked up another 900 rounds of .308 this week. I'd hate to get caught short.

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