Coming soon to a place near you

London, Chicago (many times, just err…..underreported) , St Louis, Philly, New York, Washington DC, Detroit, LA, Wisconsin, Des Moines, etc.

And now in Germantown, Maryland.

Your town is not too far down the list, I think.

These attacks are (generally) racially and economic status motivated.

I mean, they have been told that they are “owed” and are “underpriviledged” and “repressed” and that they have “rights” to “entitlements” and that they are downtrodden….

They have the example of the left. Protest and demonstrate and use violence (or the threat of violence) to get what they want. Intimidation works!

And there are more of them than there are of you…and more than the police can handle. Likely these attacks will grow…in frequency and  scope. And at some point some shopowner or some citizen will have enough and do something about it. And some kid (or kids) are gonna get hurt. Or dead.

Think about it. Could be your business…of your home. Or you. 

What are ya gonna do to protect yourself?


These folks understand.  No guns, but they do have weapons which will work against unarmed looters.

And it seems that the looters chose other targets. Hmmmmm

Like the Korean shopowners in L.A. during the Rodney King riots. Violence (or the threat therof) works well to prevent other violence.

4 thoughts on “Coming soon to a place near you

  1. Amen sister. Just be sure of an escape route if there are too many of them….

  2. Last year's state fair in Des Moines (yep) a riot broke out and a couple dozen stabbed just outside of the gates. It was racially motivated according to reports.

    This year the state banned guns on the fairgrounds even for permit holders.

    Makes total sense to me (sarc).

  3. A quote from Mr Heinlein:

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue — and thoroughly immoral — doctrine that 'violence never solves anything' I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and of the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms”

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