Why they’ll never get ahead…

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.
And he is an idiot.  
Don’t believe me? Read this.
It’s not the black culture (such as it is)…It’s not the lack of fathers….It’s not the fact that a significant percentage of black men have felony records (yeah, all the fault of the white man’s justice system….). It’s not the fault of the welfare mentality which leads to all of the above….
Nah. It is the fault of the white man. Every other race succeeds…every other minority group  is able to become a part of the system and succeed. Except the one that everyone makes excuses for. 
There are many successful black men and women. I used to work for one. He taught me a lot. In fact, he was an inspiration for me….He accepted NO excuses from anyone. Do the job or get out. If you need help or don’t understand, ask….. But race, gender, orientation, etc had no bearing on how or if you were expected to complete your job…And he felt that those who make excuses because of race or gender or other reasons demeaned that race or gender. Capability and motivation led to success….or failure. Following the rules and not getting arrested helped too.
And he was one of the most capable men I knew. Every person of color I have ever known who was willing to work and not make excuses for his failure to succeed every time, and who has not taken the easy way out has found a significant measure of success.
Dr. Boyce, on the other hand, makes excuses for the failures of his races culture to succeed in the US. Blames it on everyone except those who fail. 

And thereby adds to the problem for the next generation. 

Guess that this post makes me a racist…