Updte on the Para

Got it back a few weeks ago, approximately in the time frame which was promised.

Paperwork says that it got a new extractor and assorted other parts. Claims that they shot 50 rounds with no issues.

Might even be true.

The pistol was DIRTY when I got it. Very. I think they put a new barrel on it too.

Anyway, time has been short here recently, and I have only put about 37 rounds through it. So far, no issues. The extractor appears to be fine.

We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Updte on the Para

  1. Well your experience seriously flavors my perception of the Para.

  2. The thing is, I own a 5" single action and 3" painted alloy version of the troublesome one….and they have been flawless. The painted alloy pistol is ugly (because of paint wear) but works really really well. It is carried every day. Never had any issue with it. I just think I got a lemon. But their customer service is lacking.

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