I cannot believe

That the ONE said that we citizens should just shut up and “let the professional politicians handle this” budget crisis.

Actually, I can believe that he said it, I am just surprised that he would let his elitist feelings show in a press conference….

Look, you arrogant bastard: We mere citizens can figure the ins and outs of the budget issues as well as you. We see how well your policies have worked, we see the effect that the deficit is having on our dollar. We understand what the issues are. We see the effects every time we fill up our cars with fuel or go to the grocery store. You are insulated from that. You’ve never worked a day in your life for your own money, and you’ve apparently never had to worry about making a mortgage or car payment, or how you are gonna make the choice between food for your family and paying rent. You’ve never seen the buying power of your hard work evaporate daily.

Shut the fuck up and deal with the issues. It isn’t a revenue issue, but rather a spending issue. You’d like “more programs”. You’d like to target some portions of the citizenry for special treatment. You’d like to have everyone pay their “fair share” (whatever that really means). First stop spending to much.

And yes, I understand that you think that I am stupid, me and my fellow citizens…the great unwashed. Those of us in flyover country who cling bitterly to our guns and religion. But we aren’t as uninformed as you give us credit for. If you can only get 24% of the people to poll in favor of your policies, then it ISN’T a communication issue. We understand what you wish to do. And we reject it.

While I understand that you think that a majority of the taxpayers and voters (not always the same group, but with a lot of overlap) have intelligence and judgement issues  (You fooled enough with your “Hope and Change” bullshit after all) to have voted you into office, but really, we aren’t all entirely stupid, and we can(and have) balanced a budget enough to get by in our own lives…..And we can understand the bigger picture enough to know that you are, quite honestly, full of shit in your plan to somehow fix the issues with our economy. And we repudiate you 65-24%.

Althouse has the text that I couldn’t find earlier…