Anyone have Wayne LaPierre’s home number?

’cause I’d like to call the SOB and give him a piece of my mind.  In fact, I’d like to interrupt his peaceful enjoyment of life on a Saturday…Actually, I’d like to punch him in the nose.

I already am a member (have to be because It Is Required for membership in my local range)….I already donate (for me) significant money to the PAC part of the NRA.

But these stupid fuckers are calling me at home wanting more money. They had my telephone number and my name…. Being a member, they had all the information to give to someone who called me. On a Saturday.

Thereby damaging my serenity and my peaceful enjoyment of life…. I don’t EVER donate money to people who call me on weekends. Ever. I will continue to be a member because I have to…..But the NRA will never see another dime beyond my membership fee. Not one single thin devalued by Obama dime.

Jesus H. Gunwalking Christ….at what point don’t they think that we have donated enough? They are like liberals. Always with their hand out. Always wanting Someone Else’s money….If they need money that badly then they can forgo their nearly daily mailings to my address. That should save about $100 per year in postage and paper….But it’ll make it harder to keep the woodstove lit….

One thought on “Anyone have Wayne LaPierre’s home number?

  1. I went round-n-round with them several times. Told them I was on the Do Not Call List, SO DON'T CALL. All to no avail. Finally, I told them that if they ever called me again to solicit funds, that I would cancel my membership on the spot.

    They have not called me back in 3 years.

    I donate all of my activist funds to the SAF.

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