“Your Papers Please”….

No, not Gestapo….


Seems that they are invading bus terminals in unwarranted searches and (if they can get away with it) seizures of cash and such…

Checking for immigration status of travellers too. (wasn’t this a bad thing when Arizona wanted to do that????)

No worries about that pesky 4th amendment either.  While there may be some small argument that in order to get onto an airplane you have to enter federal property and therefore the TSA has the right to search  you upon entering (not that I really buy that argument, but that is the one they seem to be using?) I see NO way for them to justify searching people in a semi-public place with no warrants or other probable cause.

Now you know why I don’t take publik transportation. Or fly.

‘Cause sure as shit, I’d get arrested. For resisting….or “disturbing da piece” or something like that.


2 thoughts on ““Your Papers Please”….

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