Protect and serve

Another day, another search that leads to the death of the searchee.

Tactics that kill. All in the name of good.

“its for the children!”

Or something.

69 years old. Walks with a cane. Likely his response was the same as mine would be at 10 am on a Saturday. door breaks open and men in military(ish) garb rush in? You betcha. Cordite and fire and flying lead.Bad for everyone. On both sides.

And, of course, an unnamed “informant”.  Who may or may not exist. Who will likely never be identified or questioned.

Look: I know not the answer to this mans guilt or innocence. But break down the door of a mans home and NOT expect an armed response is foolish.

You want in my home? Have a warrant? KNOCK. For your safety and mine. Wait for a response. I’ll answer the door. maybe with a firearm. Show me a badge and the warrant. I’ll cooperate.

Kick down my door if I don’t respond fast enough for you? Trouble. For both of us. You gotta give me more than 15 seconds to answer the door. Safer for all of us. For gods sake officers: THINK before you act.

I really don’t want to kill a cop. And I really don’t want him to try and kill me.

But cops aren’t invaders. Stormtroopers. And good cops knock and wait until you answer the door. And are polite but firm.

No-Knock raids might be necessary…But this wasn’t a no knock warrant.

Yet they acted like it was, and man is dead because of it.

Read all the links. Think. Get angry.

How many more will we allow? When do we say ENOUGH! ?

“I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”
– General Douglas MacArthur