One wonders…..

So are these “mobs” of “teenagers” in the larger (and, coincidentally, run by liberals) cities a new thing? Sure seems so. Perhaps we are just hearing about it more than we used to. It is now a daily occurrence in Chicago and Philly and such….But they are happening in ever smaller towns….I mean, they’re even playing Peoria!

The press seems to be working mightily to never describe them as black, or African American…but every once in a while the truth seems to slip out..

The incidents of “wilding” were, as far as we knew, isolated incidents and in parks after dark and such…. and few and far between….These “mobs”, however, appear to be something else.  Broad daylight, public…and in affluent neighborhoods…..

If there are, as it seems, an ever increasing number of these “mob” attacks by “teens”, and they are happening in more and more cities….One would wonder:

Is there a coordinator? Someone who is encouraging these attacks? Perhaps describing how to use the available social media or technology in order to coordinate things? Perhaps to teach how to avoid the Po-Po and to know when (and how) to disperse… ?

’cause most of these folks involved don’t seem smart enough (or forward thinking enough) to figure things like this out on their own.

Yeah, yeah, I am a racist. But the truth is what it is.

6 thoughts on “One wonders…..

  1. It seems that there is another factor in common–all of these cities are in places where concealed carry is difficult to impossible/Officially Frowned Upon and likely to cause the carrier considerable grief.

  2. Freeholder beat me to it… And yeah, these are flashmobs using 'social media'…

  3. And what happens when the mob runs into a (or several) CCW holder(s)? What will be the headlines (as if that was unknown…..)?

    That is coming ONCE. Then they will realize the "price of poker" has gone up like inflation….

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