Nah, we’d rather those jobs go overseas

Instead of (gasp) have them be NON UNION!

Is there any doubt that the DNC is (at least partially) controlled by the unions?

I really don’t see where the federal government has any standing in this matter anyway, and I applaud South Carolina for doing what it can to BRING JOBS TO THE STATE, and a good, caring government should.

If these folks on S.C. want to unionize, there is no law stopping them…..But if they’d rather be non union, then the state law allows that too.  Betcha they will choose the non union way….and the union loses out of all that money.

So they (the unions) are crying to their bought and paid for oh so helpful Democratic legislators for help. ’cause without dues, you know, there might not be campaign contributions and speaking fees.

DNC: The best government money can buy.