It is a good thing

That dueling has gone out of style in this state lately…

Else one of us would be injured or dead right now.

Instead, I just walked away. Sadly, in this state, it is unlawful to shoot someone, even if they REALLY REALLY deserve it.

ETA: If dueling were legal, I doubt people would mouth off so often, or so loudly…or so fearlessly.

5 thoughts on “It is a good thing

  1. I'm guessing that if you think he deserved it, then he really really really deserved it.

  2. COuld be, But I walked away. Better to be sure.

    But a duel would be more satisfying. Glove across the face, and "my seconds will call" and all that.

    If only.

  3. You know the more I think about this – honestly – we would be better off if we could duel.

    Or if a person could get a whooping and LEARN A LESSON FROM IT.

    If any adult could smack any kid for being stupid.

    Huh. All the people saying "violence isn't the answer" were wrong. We are NOT better off now.

  4. I'd stand behind you. Or for you, if need be.

    Violence is never the only answer. Sometimes it's the very best answer.

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