I’d like to clarify something here:

After my last post, I was accused of being anti-cop.

Perhaps I am, but I don’t mean to be, and if I come across that way, then I apologize. I actually support most policemen. They have a shitty job, They deal with the bottom 10% of our society’s citizens, and they sometimes forget that their interaction with the rest of us should not be colored by that 10%.However, I am not anti most police officers. I actually respect them and the job they do.

I am anti-police state. Pro constitution. Pro citizens rights. Anti Bully…Anti “we are the police and you will cower” .

Sadly, the bad attitude of police towards civilians is becoming pervasive. Perhaps it is the training. I really don’t know. But it is wrong.

I am also anti-militarized police. Their uniform need not be the same as the guys in Iraq or Afghanistan. Few cities are war zones (yet). Dressing up like an “operator” is not making for better policing of our streets. Really, there are few opportunities for the police to use an AR-15 (or M-16) short barrelled rifle.  No more than the opportunities to get to use a tank for policing.

I am also anti-SWAT team. While I do think that there are reasons for a police department, or a sheriff’s department to have a team of specially trained folks, who have worked together, for special situations. But to use these folks for warrant service? When there are other alternatives? When the people being served with search warrants have absolutely zero records of violence? I realize that it can be seen that if the special units are not used, then they may be defunded. But these tactics have caused people to be killed by these Swat teams. Tragic accidents do happen. But they should not happen with the frequency that they do when SWAT teams are involved with situations that can and should be handled in other ways. SWAT may be “sexy” but it generally gets people killed.

So no, I am not Anti-Cop. I am anti militarized police, and I am anti overuse of SWAT. I am anti-Immunity for police who screw up. Police who fail to do their jobs properly, or who overuse force. Police who fail to remember that they are there to be police, not overlords, master or jackbooted stormtroopers. .

I actually respect the average police officer. They do, as I said, a good job with shitty people.

Hope this clarifies things

2 thoughts on “Clarification:

  1. I'm all about cops, and there are plenty good ones. Problem is, a wrong cop taints the whole deal. And the further problem is, wrong cops don't usually have big orange and white zeppelins following them around. So each cop gets my respect but I am ever cautious of the liklihood the cop I'm dealing with is wrong.

  2. And, sadly, good cops protect even the bad ones….AKA the "Blue Wall". Were it not for that, they'd have more respect.

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