While I’d like to congratulate Mr. Obama on “getting” Osama Bin Laden….(and, of course, Kudos to the CIA and NSA for developing the intelligence which led to the compound where Seal Team Six did the necessary evil…all for the better good…) I have to make this observation:

Were I a cynic (and those who read me here know that I am NEVER cynical) I’d have to say that the media coverage of Mr. Obama since the deal went down is a bit……staged.

I mean, really. One wonders how long the takedown was delayed in order that the press people could have all the groundwork laid….(birth certificate notwithstanding)…..The photos of Mr. Obama “leading” his team of armchair quarterbacks Foreign Intelligence Specialists and advisors……The contemplative look on his face in many of the photos….The serious demeanor shown on others.  Who in the hell takes the time to pose for photos during such an operation?

It is almost as if this whole thing was staged in order to make this man look more hawkish….more serious….more….well, presidential looking.

Look: one expects things to be spun in the best light afterwards. Everyone wants to look good for others. Likely, leaders such as he must work harder at it than the rest of us. But unless you are as observant as a squirrel in a peanut factory, you have to be wondering how much work went into the planning beforehand. Not the planning of the operation (which one would hope the Obama team had the intelligence to leave to the professionals), but the planning as to how to present it to the news media and “talk” shows for dissemination to the rest of us.

One might even wonder if the whole Birth certificate release timing might (just perhaps) have been subject to the timeframe necessitated by the OBL operation.

All I can say is that it is a good thing that I am not cynical about such things. Else I’d have to wonder how much preparation went into the spin and planning of how it would be presented to the public.

And I’d hate to think that an operation of such magnitude would be overtaken by politics…..’cause then I’d have even less respect for him.