Why the supreme courts of Indiana screwed up badly

Because it opens the door to things like THIS.

This sort of attitude by police is EXACTLY why the fourth amendment was written. Any police officer who cannot see that, and would use this ruling to further enhance his power of search is unsuited for his job. Unsuited to be in any position of public leadership or law enforcement.

Look, I am sure that most sheriffs and police want to just do their jobs. They (mostly) have the best interests of the citizens who pay them in mind. But without limits, without lines that they cannot cross, then there will be those who go too far, and ultimately trample those citizens who they are sworn to protect.

And the statements of the Newton County sheriff demonstrate that clearly.

What the Court in Indiana has done is remove the leash from the collar of the guard dog. Guard dogs are an excellent tool. They are needful to protect people and property in some instances. But without restraint, the guard dog may become a menace to those whom he is charged with guarding. It is easy for the sheepdog to return to his wolf heritage.

IMO, the sheriff should be immediately fired. His statements show that he is unsuited to be in law enforcement.

And the judges who unsnapped his leash should be horsewhipped. Publicly. Then fired and disbarred for demonstrating their incompetence.

But then again, I am soft on idiots.

ETA:These rulings will eventually lead to THIS….

Oh, wait, they already HAVE.

Methinks the time is coming when the rule of law will no longer be based on our Constitution….Which will lead to……..?

Mayhaps the time is soon coming when, since the courts are not adjudicating law based on anything but whim, and the police are not enforcing it anyway, that We The People will have to. Even against our own government.

I’d rather not “Vote from the rooftops” but these recent events, along with an ever increasing load on the citizens by other parts of our government, make it seem more and more likely.

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary……”

Think about it. Will you stand with others to defend your freedoms? Or cower in the shadows and let stronger men that you do the deeds necessary to defend your rights?

(yes, I am angry…that changes nothing).

9 thoughts on “Why the supreme courts of Indiana screwed up badly

  1. Do we have confirmation that the sheriff in question said this?

    My google-fu turned up nothing but that one site.

  2. "Methinks the time is coming when the rule of law will no longer be based on our Constitution….Which will lead to……..? "

    It leads to "Nazi storm-troopers busting your door down and hauling you off at their whim" otherwise known as Police State.

    BTW that mikechurch.com website you listed is currently down…

  3. I can find no other confirmation as to the statement.

    Having said that, I have had dealing with the man personally, and would have absolutely ZERO reason to disbelieve that he made the statement. The two times I have been forced to deal with him, he cares little for the consitution, or privacy laws. All he cares about is his investigation. Actually threatened to arrest me once for "failing to cooperate/hindering and investigation". And that was in another county.

    Arrogant asshole, IMO

  4. I have emailed the source of the article, Allison Bricker at smargus.com to get some additional information. From the footnote on the article, it looks like she had a phone interview with him but I'll see what I can find.

  5. I also emailed her. It seems that everything on the web somehow links back to her blog.

  6. I actually called and talked to her. This article was based on a phone call she had with the sheriff's office and could not provide additional sources at this time. She stated that Mike Church may have more info in a few days.

  7. Cool. I just want to feel like I'm on solid ground before I make a public stink.

  8. Midwest Chick emailed her, and she claims that there was a telephone interview. I called the NCS, and they would neither confirm nor deny the interview or the statement.

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