SO, If I find

One of those government GPS units attached to my car, (because they say I don’t have any expectation of privacy on public thoroughfares), can I smash it with a hammer or burn it with a torch or run it through a blender or whatever (perhaps a 30 ton press? Feel free to use your inner child to come up with creative ways to destroy these kinds of electronic devices…But I digress) ? I mean, there would be no expectation of safety for the device once it leaves their possession and they attach it to the property of another person, right?

Unless, of course, I don’t decide to tape it to the back of a semi, or attach it to a cow several counties over or ship it via USPS to….Honduras? or maybe find a privately owned airplane at my local airport which needs special scrutiny…..Maybe attach it to a taxi cab? 

Just wondering what the legalities are. Can I be charged with willful destruction of government property? Is it their property if they attach it to my car? (actually, it is OUR property because taxes payed for it, but that is another discussion for another day)

Not that I am that hard to track most of the time, GPS or not. Unless I don’t want to be.

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  1. I hope they're big, like one of the old Motorola handy-talkies. That way the public official I isert it in will be able to feel every inch.

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