Freedom isn’t free

If yer reading this in English, not German, nor Russian, then today thank those who sacrificed their lives to make sure that you ARE reading this in English. Thank those who sacrificed themselves for your freedom, and think about what this freedom means, and what it is worth. Remember the reason we call it Memorial Day.

Take a moment, and give your thanks that you have that freedom, and don’t squander it.

Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain. DON’T LET ANYONE TAKE THAT FREEDOM AWAY. Not an outside government, and especially not your own government. Many died defending the country AND IT’S CONSTITUTION. every day, make their sacrifice worthwhile. Keep that which they have paid a great price. Don’t let anyone, ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN LEADERS take that away. They agreed to defend the US and it’s constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Don’t let anyone or anything, foreign OR domestic steal that away from you. Keep the freedom.

Someone else paid for it. With their lives.

That sacrifice should mean something. And it should be valuable to you.

So take today to say thanks. Take a moment from your barbecue, your lawn work, your home improvements, your beer drinking, your car work, whatever you are doing on Monday, Memorial Day, and think of all those brave souls who gave you the freedom to ignore them on this day, should you choose to.

And in closing, to all those who paid the price, their friends, family and comrades, I thank you from my heart.