disaster observations

From Roberta.

Do you have a tornado shelter?
(I do) Concrete block and concrete roof. Below grade. Roof should handle the house falling in on it.

Is it stocked? Food, water,clothing, lighting?  (mine is).

Can you find yer Bug Out Bag with 30 seconds warning? (mine is IN my shelter!) 

Doncha think that those folks in Missouri wish that they had a BOB that they could find? Or a stocked storm shelter?

Think about it.Decide. Is the cost of one good weekend away worth not being in the position of the victims in Joplin? ’cause that is all you need to provide for a basic stocked storm shelter.

You CAN prepare for this. You can’t stop it, but you can mitigate the damage Ma Nature can do to you.

“preparation turns tragedy into adventure”

2 thoughts on “disaster observations

  1. Just a thought,,,
    How do you think a personal, say 3'x 8' round (tubular) personal shelter would go over in tornado country?
    It would be fairly inexpensive, and if you hat two, you could use one for storage.

  2. Kurt: They issued brits pieces of galvanized roofing during the blitz. Google "Anderson shelters". They were just sheets of corrugated iron with a curve, and you bolted them together to form a sort of a semi-quonset hut. they also made suppository-shaped iron domes that were suitable bomb shelters for individuals, and I'm pretty sure they'd survive a tornado.

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