yeah, sure….or not.

Romney enters the race.

What a waste of time, effort, and  a bunch of money that could be used to support a viable candidate.

If he is the best that they Repubs have got to offer, then we had better look forward to another 4 years of the Big “O”.

I mean, seriously? As far as I am concerned….No. Just no. Not a chance. Not even a remote one. I won’t hold my nose and vote for him like I did McCain in the last election. Just fucking “NO”. Fuggedaboutit.

One word: Rommneycare. Need I say more?

He’ll crash and burn like a shot down fighter jet over Libya. The sad part is he’ll bring a lot of folks down with him. And waste a lot of effort and money doing so.

3 thoughts on “yeah, sure….or not.

  1. Nice "assault weapon" ban there in Massachusetts, Mitt. Almost as nice as the socialized health care.

    But it's sweet how he ran as the "real conservative".

  2. Will not vote for Romney. Would rather see Pr. Obama reelected. Borepatch got here before me with two of the reasons. If the Republicans run Romney, they deserve to lose. I might even vote against him.

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