If all these folks quoted by the Won are so keen on getting taxed at a higher rate and all that, why aren’t they writing checks to the US Treasury right now? It’s not like they US is going to turn the extra cash down or something. I mean, if they (and you!) really believe what you said and all….

I smell something, and it smells like ass, Mr Obama. No one is stopping you from returning your salary while you are in the White House, with all those folks stepping and fetching for you, and free transportation and free food and rent…..After all, by your own definition, you are “rich”

Step up, or shut up.

Put yer money where your mouth is. Set the example. Be the leader. Write the check for the past 2+ years of Presidential salary. Make it out to the U.S. Treasury. Failing that, then pledge this year, and next years salary.

Or shut the fuck up. I tire of your platitudes.

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  1. But-but-but…all of that stuff applies to other people, right?

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