Patriots Day

It are today. In my opinion, it should be a national holiday.

But then again, it’d just give those lazy, inefficient drones government workers another three day weekend. And we’d still be paying for them anyway.

7 thoughts on “Patriots Day

  1. Must this be a slam on government workers? Here I was reading this thinking it would be a positive post about the day.

  2. I know a couple of very hard-working feds that deserve all of the days off that they get.

  3. Perhaps…I know many who work very hard as well

    That was not the point. As it is, most federal and state workers get many PAID days off that private sector folks don't. I do not object to the days off, just the fact that they are paid. MLK day, Presidents day, Kasmir Pulaski day, etc. All paid. Add in excessive amounts of sick days, personal days, etc. Then vacation. The average worker for the government works LESS than 4 days per week.

    At a certain point, it is ridiculous. Especially when you add in other bennies.

    I am sorry that this offends you. Not my intent.

  4. Not offended, but I can't see that your point was 'paid days off' when you use words like "lazy, inefficient drones".

    I don't get any days off unless I pay for them myself.

    There are government (or union) workers not worth the trouble of a half-hearted Heimlich. There are others I'd risk my life for. I don't like the system, but I'm not grouping the people into the system.

    I'll stop here.

  5. Best we agree to disagree. Apparently you have met a different sample/cross section of Federal workers than I. Not to say that there are not exceptions to the rule, however…I know several.

    But by and large, of the many federal and state workers I meet (and I have met a large number of them in my work), they have not been exemplary, nor dedicated, nor efficient or caring about much more than how many days to retirement. Few could survive in the private sector.

    What do you think our founding fathers would have thought of those folks we are discussing? I think that they would have held them in contempt.

  6. Somehow we are not even quite having the same conversation. So as I said: I'll stop here.

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