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I find it interesting that Mr Obama and the liberal section of the Democratic wing feels that by not raising taxes on those who make more money than me, they are somehow “giving benefits to the wealthy”….You know, those folks who actually generate a significant portion of the actual tax dollars that fuel the economy, and who risk their money to invest in businesses which, you know, actually employ people….those same employees who then pay taxes.

What really gets me angry is not only the outright lies about the above subjects, but the fundamental difference between my thought processes and theirs: That the solution to the problem is to raise taxes on whomever they can, in order to pay for their spending……The spending that they did every time they had a spare dollar (or dollar of debt) that they could shake loose from somewhere. They never stop their spending….They spend as much as they can, and then, when their excesses begin to bear fruit in the form of deficits, and someone wishes to cut that spending to a lower level, they cry “foul” and complain that the cut in spending will somehow damage those who benefit from that largesse…”You want old people to have to eat dog food to survive!”….even though a year or two before, those same folks ate well enough when the budget for their handout was 1/3 less.  The bombast and invective, while amusing, becomes irritating over time, due to the unreality and falseness.

I tire of the bullshit, from both sides. But I must say that I find our more, shall we say, liberal lawmakers are worst…And their policies are all the more irritating because of their philosophy of “take from those who make more and give to those who make less….for whatever reason that situation may exist”

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  1. I complaion about the classwarfare that the liberals like to use. they believe that all the money in this country belongs to the government and if you have more if it, they need to take it back to dole it out to the less unfortunates in exchange for votes to keep the same liberals in power.

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