coupla questions:


If some parts of government are so “non-essential” that they can easily be furloughed….Are they really needed? While I am sure that the folks in the Department of Agriculture feel that their jobs are essential, and the tasks they labor mightily at are of great importance to the economic health and welfare of this fine country……Counting ears of corn is not really an essential task….Nor will the children of this country stop learning if the Dept. of Ed fails to come to work next Monday….And let us not forget those earnest, hard working folks at the Dept of Energy who labor mightily at….Well, whatever they so mightily labor at. (yeah, I know ending a sentence with a preposition and all that…so sue me).  Do we really need all these non-essential personnel? Other than acting as a (well compensated) jobs program, why do we need all these “non-essential” folks?

If these departments of whatever are so little needed that they can be arbitrarily shut down, then, as so many other folks have asked, what for do we need them? Can the Military folks just pack up and go home? I think not. Police? Nope, again, they got to stay at work.

B: Which bringz me to the subject of priorities:

On the one hand, we have the military folks who can’t just go home (even though, by my reckoning, we taxpayers will have voided our contract with them by cutting off their pay (should the Goobermint shut down)…on the other hand, those departments which take in money at the IRS will remain open (but not those who hand out refund checks) and those departments of the government who hand out freebies to those who are unwilling to take responsibility for their own welfare help our needier citizens live more fulfilling lives through taxpayer funded assistance will remain open…..How come the screwed up priorities? Do the powers that be really feel that the fine men and women of our military are non-essential? As opposed to the folks who hand out ever increasing amounts of YOUR money to others? Perhaps they are afraid of those “entitled” folks growing angry and rioting? WhatRyaGonnaDo if the military does???

Personally, had I the power to do so, I’d force a shutdown until our legislators could find a way to bring our spending to the point where there IS NO DEFICIT…How they chose to spend that money is another discussion, for another post….

3 thoughts on “coupla questions:

  1. I'd be all for lopping a certain % of jobs, budget, etc off of out fat government.

    IF there was some perfect way to get rid of the right parts. Do you trust anyone in government to identify the right parts?

    Right now I have some friends that have lost their position because of funding issues. The job loss was a political move. They are good people – conservative, gun-owning, fair, family people. Meanwhile there is still a ton of waste.

  2. yep. find the departments who do no useful job, or whose work can be placed under another department (save the management overhead!).

    Get rid of things like the dept of energy.

  3. There is going to be more damage trying to clean up this big government mess than if America were attacked on it's own soil.

    And the brilliant minds in congress are going to do it.

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