Underwhelmed/Para update #2

I called Para again at 11:45 am Central time, since they did not call me back.

This time, I spoke to an actual person. This time my experience was actually good.

He offered to send me a new extractor. I accepted, as this is the easiest and fastest way for me to return the pistol to operation. He apologized for the failure, and also offered to send me new springs for my other LDA carry. 

This is the sort of service one would expect. No issues, no problems, and no hassles. Helpful and friendly. Beyond the minimum.

Sadly though, it took 3 phone calls to get it. He did apologize for the failure to return my call, and said that they (Para) were training new customer service reps. IMO, I SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO CLL THEN MORE THAN ONCE. But I did. Hopefully, this is the end of things.

Hopefully, having given him model and serial number, they will send me the correct part.

Updates as appropriate. But you can bet that this WILL have an influence on my next purchase. (and I buy 2+ pistols and rifles a year, on average….)

Now if only they would give precise instructions as to the takedown of the LDA system, life would be perfect.