In any organization

there is about 10% that actually do something to help or promote or raise funds for that organization. The rest never show when there is work to be done. And 20% of that sub-group complain about the work done.

That was the case this weekend:

At the range which I belong to, there is a barn for storage of targets for the outdoor range. The roof has needed work for YEARS, and this weekend some of the more active members got together to re-roof the thing.

Out of 100 members, 9 showed up. All worked for at least 6 hours, clearing brush and trees, tearing off the old roof, and rebuilding the structure prior to the actual re-roofing.

10.5 hours for some of us. And I found out that I was REALLY out of shape. I still hurt today, even though the work party was on Saturday.

The sad part is that few, if any of the rest of the members will appreciate the work those people put in. And they’ll likely complain about the color of the new roof.  If they do, I hope anyone who worked on the barn doesn’t kneecap them. Even though the kneecapping will be most richly deserved.

But they’ll store their stuff there anyway.

And my thanks to those who worked with me to improve our club.