” ’cause we deserve the free ice cream!”

seems that when budget cuts might affect people who get a proportionately larger slice of the pie, then it is time to cry racism.

For how long should these folks be propped up? When will they take steps to become self sufficient?

1 thought on “” ’cause we deserve the free ice cream!”

  1. In answer to your questions: It's already been way too long. When the ice cream machine is shut down.

    In my job I regularly see people who, were they to put the effort into working that they currently put into squeezing more out of Obama's stash, are capable of doing very well for themselves. It's sad that it is so, because I see people who also desperately need the assistance they receive, but the abuse is so egregious that I truly believe the current system simply needs to be abandoned. It's not fixable.

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