437 rounds

Took the new Para to the range again tonight.

At the start of the evening, the round count was 400.

37 rounds later, had my first failure to extract. As I was shooting reloads, I thought that it might be my handiwork causing the failure, so I cleared the malf and continued. Round 438 fired and ejected cleanly, but round 439 failed to extract. The slide would move back, but leave the empty cartridge in the chamber.

After clearing that malf, I had 2 rounds fire and eject properly then failure after failure to extract after that. I swabbed the bore, but no joy. The extractor is either broken or just gunked up (a technical term, for you non gunnies).

I dunno….might just be dirt. The firearm has fired 400+ rounds (some reloads with extremely dirty powder (Winchester 231)) with absolutely ZERO maintenance, so I’ll detail strip the slide and clean it and see what is what.

If it is only dirt, and cleaning fixes the issue, then its off to the gunsmith for tritium sights and then onto my belt for daily carry. If it is something else, like a broken extractor or whatever, then off to Para for a fix, and then the whole process starts over.

We shall see.

Either way, I got more range time. Turning money into smoke, noise, and tattered paper is always good for my blood pressure. And that is never bad.