Sometimes I am ashamed of my fellow man

While the blizzard in Chicago (and the surrounding area) was bad, the denizens of Chicago must be (some of them at least) the weakest, most lily livered bunch of weaklings I have ever seen. I am fully aware how cold it was, and how windy it was that night. I WAS OUT IN IT, thank you very much. I didn’t have any choice either.

(perhaps the all pervasive welfare state and union influence is causing the weakest to not be culled from the herd….)

“I thought I was gonna die!”

Couldn’t walk a hundred feet to safety. Jesus H. Tapdancing CHrist. It was cold. It was windy. It was dangerous. But if you can’t walk a few hundred feet with your back to the wind (and yes, the wind was from the east, so the wind would have been at her back while walking towards the rest of the city (look at a map)) then either you are one weak sister or you failed to bother to dress for winter conditions (even mild winter conditions) in Chicago.

And any car with a half tank of gas should be able to idle for at least 8 hours to keep you warm. If people ran out of gas waiting for rescue then they weren’t prepared.

Shoulda let them get colder so they’d learn next time.

People were warned to stay off the Drive, but they went anyway. So the city tied up how many hundreds of man hours to deal with the idiots? 

Wonder what will happen if a really bad storm happens? Or if a real disaster occurs?

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I am ashamed of my fellow man

  1. What will happen? They will all be screwed. And then blame the government for not helping them appropriately. And then we will have to pay for it.

    Just like has happened every other time…

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