On this day

in 1911

Ronald Reagan was born.

IMO, it should be a federal holiday. One where every business closes.

YMMV. Mr. O can’t even find his birth certificate, much less be as presidential (or even as good a leader) as Mr. Reagan.

I think the left hates him because they have no one. absolutely no-one who can emulate him.

2 thoughts on “On this day

  1. There was a caller to Rush on friday, who called in ostensibly to ask why the right idolized Reagan, but really to "rub rush's nose in" the "bad" things that R did.

    An old story. My guy ain't shit, so let me see how good I can beat down your guy.

    Small minds.

  2. No, it should be a holiday in which the Federal government is closed and every business is *open!*

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