A question:

We have seen absolutely ZERO footage of the mobs looting in the flooded areas in Australia. No reports of gangs of people looting stores for  big screen TVs, DVD players, shoes etc.

It would seem that everyone is doing what they can to help each other out.

And this from folks whose ancestors were inmates in what was once a prison colony…..

Yet it happens here in the US all the time. Looting, theft. etc. Any time there is any disaster…even a major power outage. Looting happens at the slightest suggestion of civil unrest, or anytime the po-po might be occupied elsewhere.

It could be that there is simply no coverage of the looting, but I doubt that. I think that there is no (or very little) looting.

If so, then I have to ask, what is up with the folks in the US?

I really don’t want to go there, ….where the obvious answer is.