Kwestion for the legal beagles….

If I (a CHL holder) were to take employment at a facility, either privately or publicly owned, where the rules of employment (or even presence!) prohibit the carriage of firearms (see also: gun free  victim disarmament zone), and something untoward should happen while working in such area…..

Can I sue for damages if I am injured (or can my surviving kin sue if I am killed) on the grounds that the burden of personal security has been taken from me and is therefore the task and responsibility of the institution which employs me? (or at which I must attend, should it be, say…a university?)

How about if I am robbed while attending such a place…..If I am prohibited from exercising my rights to secure my person, do I have the rights to sue for remuneration from the facility which prohibits the carriage of my personal defense firearm?

How about states or cities which prohibit the carriage of firearms? Or municipal courts buildings and such?

Do those entities which prohibit carriage of firearms for any reason have liability if someone is attacked or robbed in their area of prohibition? Is there a difference between private entities and public entities?

Are there court cases which would set precedence?

Enquiring minds and all that…..

One thought on “Kwestion for the legal beagles….

  1. Lets say my child was injored or- god forbid- killed in a situation where being armed would have saved her life.

    I would
    a: Sue the organization that emplaced the rules out of existence, if possible, or
    b: make the individuals responsible for the rules wish they were never born

    And wish it over, and over, and over again, for hours, and days, and weeks, and months, and years.

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