Hiding from the past…..

So it would seem that the NAACP folks in South Carolina are easily offended….

In order to use the State Capitol steps, and not make anyone quake in their shoes Pee themselves in fear have the vapors seeing a president who owned slaves 200+ years ago, the Anti white rally Anti confederate flag protest organizers placed a box in front of a bronze statue of President Washington.

What, really, did they accomplish here? Insulting someone? Hiding from the history of this country? No one can change who our first (white) president was. Yes, he was a slave owner. Yes, he no doubt did many things that were, by todays standards, less than good.

Deal with the past. Hiding from it will not make it go away. The fact that many of the attendees freely travelled thousands of miles to be at the trally shows that things are NOT like they were 235 + years ago. Think of it. Hundreds of black people travelled thousands of miles, freely….Unmolested. Yet they feel they are still opppressed. They were able to travel to this rally, yet they are economically disadvantaged.

I am offended that they chose to hide the statue of our first president, as if by doing so they can erase history.

You can see the press picture of the box here. Others think it is because Washington was white, not that he was a slaveowner. Might be right