Can you imagine

If the colors were reversed?

The outcry would be loud, shrill, and unceasing…..

and, no doubt, there would be calls for additional legislation to prevent this. And reparations….

Where is Jesse Jackson on this? I mean, race based hate crimes…..

I mean, white is a color too, right?

3 thoughts on “Can you imagine

  1. man if the situation was reversed, the hue and cry would have been immediate and deafening. Somehow black prejudice is acceptable. Skidmore college would have expelled those students if they have been white.

  2. and it still would be a part of the news cycle.

    There are two standards. One for white people, and one for people of color.

  3. If the white man had pulled out a pistol to defend himself once they started beating him, THEN it'd be a national story, with comparisons to Bernie Goetz being invoked. I'd like to know which "racial slurs" were said during this exchange, if they aiming them at the off-duty officer too.

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