So today, one of the guys who drives the snowplow which cleans the parking lot for my business comes in to use the bathroom and get a cup of coffee. He’s an opionated guy, and VERY liberal, so we do hae some interesting conversations sometimes.

“did ya hear that they are going to extend the “Bush Tax Cuts”? He asks…..

(my staff ducks)

“Why yes, I did” says I

“Gonna cost the government like 4 billion dollars” he says…..”Where are we gonna get the money to make that up?”

“Well, first of all, it’s not like the government already had the money….” I began

“Not fair!” he interjects, “those who have more should pay more!”.

“Really”, I replied…Cutting him off somewhat sharply.

“How many unplowed driveways did you pass on the way here?” I asked.

“I dunno,” he replied  “quite a few?”

“Did you plow any of them?” I asked sweetly

“No” was his reply….

“Why not?” I asked

“cause they haven’t paid to have their driveways plowed” he responded.

“But you have a snowplow on YOUR truck” I said….

“Yeah, so?” was his reply

Then the light dawned.
He turned and walked out and finished the parking lot.

Why can’t liberals apply logic to their own thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I used a similar analogy on a friend a few years ago to explain the PROBLEM with (lack of) immigration control. I suggested that she leave her front door wide open at supper time every evening and feed anyone who wanders up. Heck, offer them a place to stay too! They can curl up on the couch or in a corner. No one who actually LIVES there chooses to sleep on the couch or in a corner, so those spaces are available …why not?

    Then I asked her how long she thought it might take for word to get around. I let her contemplate that for a few minutes and asked her how long after word got around and the people REALLY started showing up in droves would she want to keep her front door wide open.

    I love it when people figure things out for themselves. You've just got to break it down for them and put it in a context they can understand.

    : )

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