Why “busting” down MY door at any time would be a bad idea

Because when SWAT or the FBI or ATF acts like this, I would have a hard time determining who was real and (as in this case) who was not.

I would assume that ANYONE entering my home without being invited would be someone such as these folks.

And act accordingly.

I am sure that were the invaders actual LEO, I would find myself either dead or seriously wounded (and up on charges). But how does one tell real criminals breaking down your door from police acting in a criminal manner? (who had better have a damned good reason to invade my home and put my and officers lives at risk….)

Likely never happen at my house. I am (for the most part) law abiding. No drugs, no shady deals, nothing that should interest the “authorities.

But if you enter my house at any time without my permission, especially if you “bust” down my door, it won’t turn out well for any of us.

Just please, don’t shoot my dog.

1 thought on “Why “busting” down MY door at any time would be a bad idea

  1. It was just a matter of time before the criminal element started taking advantage of the no-knock raids performed throughout the country. Most sheeple will just comply if someone breaks down their door and this is abetted by retaliation against law abiding citizens defending their property.

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