Setting the bar low

Seems that a 1.9 inch target at 50 yards 5 times with deer rifle is considered “sharpshooter” level in Will County IL. Fifty long yards.

That might be good shooting there, but here it would be barely acceptable (with a bow or an air rifle).

I can do that all day, with open sights with nearly any rifle in my inventory…offhand. On a good day, with a pistol. And I ain’t really that good. Most of the folks I shoot with can do significantly better than that.

2″… 50 yards….. 5 shots. “Sharpshooter”….



One thought on “Setting the bar low

  1. Well….
    If they're hunting at night, maybe they're testing them at night?

    On the other hand, I could hit a dinner plate with my M1903 with iron sites at 800 yards…
    The one with two rifle grooves.

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