Security theater

Just in case you think that those who feel that the TSA is wasting out money and travellers time and patience:

Read this: “If I were a terrorist, and I’m not, but if I were a terrorist—a frosty, tough-like-Chuck-Norris terrorist, say a C-title jihadist with Hezbollah or, more likely, a donkey-work operative with the Judean People’s Front.”

Then ask yourself if the guy groping the nun is really doing anything to make you or the flying public (or those on the ground, for that matter) safer.

Some folks think that the TSA is just a method of getting everyone used to being compliant about searches for “safety”. Then, soon, it slips over into the same idea on “government” roads, sidewalks and buildings. Not me, I keep my tinfoil hat on tightly….But what if they are right?

Question: Why do my Constitutional rights end at an airport, federal courthouse, police station, state or municipal building?

Has anyone challenged the TSA (or any other restricted non private space) regarding the legality of the enforced searches?