Range day.

Had a range session. My friend returned a pistol he had tuned for me, and I had to try out my new Llama .380.

LOVE the newly tuned Ruger. A trigger like a breaking glass rod, and absolutely ZERO takeup. (be careful though!)

The Llama I bought last week? Gonna need some work. Shoots well, but the ejection needs a bit (likely a LOT) of tuning and the trigger neeeds some polishing (along with the rest of the firearm). The thing is a little junior sized 1911, so I will have no issues working on it.

Midwest Chick shot 200+ rounds of assorted ammo through her new Sig P238. Now that we have the sights pointing to point of impact, it’s a sweet shooting pistol. Finicky though. I am gonna have to be real careful with sizing on reloads. Likes some ammo, hates others. Must be a really tight chamber.

All in all, it was nice to see the pile of brass at the end of the day…..

Recoil therapy is a Good Thing some weekends. This was one of those weekends.

3 thoughts on “Range day.

  1. *Nodding sagely*
    Yes, a tight chamber is much better than a sloppy chamber.

  2. @KurtP: Heh, at least I'm not the only one that went there…

  3. Geez you pervs, he's talking about the Sig…. I don't know WHAT you two are talking about. *grin*

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