Not that it’ll work but

If you fly regularly, you might want to check out National Opt Out Day So that you can send a message to the ever burgeoning, power grabbing, bureaucracy that is the Testicle Squeezing Authority  (or is it Total Sexual Assault?) Transportation Security Administration.

I fly very little, and have no nudity taboo, so these new regulations make no difference to me….except for the precedence which it sets for the future.

It’s not like the TSA has ever actually accomplished anything except to make a new government bureaucracy (and more union members). The new (and ever increasing) regulations are poorly thought out, and reactionary, but not terribly effective. The TSA cannot face facts, and therefore still persists in checking “everybody” just to pander to the sensitivities of a minority. Like Obamacare, if they inconvenience many to make a few feel better, then that is ok.

And let us not forget the tremendous cost of these scanners.

2 thoughts on “Not that it’ll work but

  1. Like I told the wife last night,
    All the Tailban has to do is get a stooge to put a bomb up his @zz and be sure it doesn't go off before it's found.
    Then all passenger flight would end because nobody would drop trou and bend over for the next round of follow the terrorist.

  2. I can't wait till the first TSA goon has to fondle my nutsack.

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