The next level:

So he would like to ” raise the TSA to the next level” and “Fully integrate the TSA workers into us government efforts”

Next will be trains, subways, busses, etc.

Of course that will require an additional 47,000 (or so) workers on the government payroll.

And you thought TSA stood for “Thousands Standing Around”….soon it will mean “Ten thousand”.

Delusions of Grandeur? You betcha. But how else can you explain how you need an ever increasing share of an already bloated government budget?

“If you cannot be strong everywhere, then be strong where your enemy is weakest”

I mean, think about it….We spent the Soviets into the ground to destroy them and end the cold war……Perhaps this is what AlQueda has planned all along?

It is no wonder they think we are weak and scared…..That is the message that our government is giving them.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon. Really, when the searches are everywhere, you will soon get used to them…..

I mean, really Der Leader has spoken:  “at present naked body scanners and pat down searches bordering on sexual molestation are the best way to prevent Muslims in caves from attacking the American people.” Or something like that…..