For the truly dedicated….

There is always this option to show your objection to the TSA’s procedures:

2) Another stickier approach is to don incontinence pants under your (old and baggy) trousers, and fill the plastic skivvies with your choice of chocolate or tapioca pudding immediately before entering the TSA security area. Indicate that you’d prefer a pat-down, rather than the milliwave machine. As you are groped, some of the pudding will ooze somewhere, at which point you should nonchalantly reach into your pants, scoop some with your finger, and taste it. Pronounce it “yummy” as the blueshirt retches….

You’ll have an uncomfortable flight, but what memories!

It would be even better should you wear a kilt or a short skirt, so they get a real feel……

Personally, when I get groped by a TSA “officer” I intend to give them the same attention. If he touches my junk (or my ass), I intend to give him (or her) a similar squeeze gentle fondling…..and, if there is enough to do so, a good heft. I’ll make it lingering too. With a smile and a wink. Women should heft, squeeze, and fondle the breast(s) of their TSA screener….and give your best come hither smile….Maybe even ask for a phone number…. Yeah, they will claim “Assault!” but really, what legal leg can they stand on? If their behavior is not assault, then neither is yours. If yours is assault, then so is theirs.. And that is a precedent they really don’t want to set.

I wonder what the cheapest round trip ticket is from Midway? I’d like to try this out.